Meet and Greet- No Charge

Each Visit- $25.

Includes: water change, feeding, letting dogs out for potty break or cleaning of litter box and lots of love and attention. Each additional dog or cat is $3.00. A visit is typically 20 minutes. Longer visit are available.

Dog Walks- $25.

Walks are approximately 20 minutes. Additional dog at same stop is $5.00 each.

Cat Care-$25.

Medications- No Charge

Vacation Service- No charge (with visits)

Bring in mail/paper, Water plants, Turn on/off lights

Cash, Checks or PAYPAL


1 thought on “RATES”

  1. April 15, 2018 judysroyalpetsittingEdit
    When pricing area broading kennels we found-
    Dog Boarding
    Single kennel=$44
    2 treats= $4
    Playtime, 15 minutes=$10
    Walk, 15 minutes=$10
    1 on 1 time, 15 minutes=$10
    Total for the day= $78 plus tax
    Our ROYAL Treatment Package
    3- 25-30 minutes stops= INCLUDED
    1- 15 minute bedtime stop=INCLUDED
    1 on 1 playtime 3 times a day=INCLUDED
    Cuddles and lots of petting= INCLUDED
    Lots of treats ( if permitted)= INCLUDED
    Photos emailed to you=INCLUDED
    Bedtime story and tuck-in= INCLUDED
    Mail/paper brought in= INCLUDED
    Lights turned on and off=INCLUDED
    Plants watered=INCLUDED
    Total for ROYAL Treatment Package= $65
    Less stress on you and your dog
    No additional vaccinations (kennel cough)
    No need to go pick up your dog upon your return
    No need to pack up food and toys
    Your dog stays in his/her comfortable home instead of small boarding “suite”
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